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It is widely recognized that a healthy workforce leads to increased profitability by decreasing absenteeism due to health related factors. Joe Do'It, LLC is a professional personal training management team of certified personal trainers and nutritionist. The focus is to teach employees to give back to themselves by living more fit lives. We are dedicated to improving physical health by customizing workout regimens based on age and physical condition in addition to promoting healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes. We use an extensive health and fitness tracker to determine each client's physical fitness and nutritional needs. Using this information, we create a targeted program for each client. We integrate a physical fitness, nutrition, and health maintenance program, supporting individuals as they learn and accept a lifestyle change. We strongly encourage our clients to combine and grasp the value of a healthy lifestyle and the nutrition and exercise vital to achieve and maintain that lifestyle.


Joe Do'It Xtreme Fitness offers between one to three one hour sessions weekly for your employees. These sessions include large calorie and fat burning Zumba Classes, Ab Classes, Aerobics, Self-Defense, Strength and Core Training, and fitness boot camps. Our objective is to customize exercises for different age groups and physical capabilities. These exercises performed regularly may help prevent heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, noninsulin-dependent diabetes, obesity, back pain, osteoporosis, and can improve mood and help individuals to better manage stress. These exercises may also help reduce high cholesterol, and may increases the overall quality of life. Our instructors will answer fitness and diet related questions from employees; we will have a monthly nutritional seminar attended by local health care professionals from various fields giving employees a medium for Question & Answers.

Joe Do'It Extreme Fitness provides services that will allow employees to feel comfortable and confident in participating in their designed fitness program. The fitness and nutrition program offered by Joe Do'It Xtreme Fitness will enhance the lives of the workers as well as strengthen and nurture their families providing a healthier environment for their lives at work and home. The employees will notice the change in their level of confidence; the health benefit of regular physical fitness, and that they have developed healthier eating habits. More employees will actively pursue opportunities for better health through involvement with the fitness and nutrition program, and the management team will benefit from the employee's reward that dedication to a healthier lifestyle brings. Your Business will maintain its mission of operating a safe, reliable, and effective system for its employees and customers; and, will continue to  improve the quality of life of its employees. Joe Do'It Extreme Fitness looks forward to improving the lives of the employees and the families of your Business. Joe Do'It Extreme Fitness offers very reasonable fees.
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