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There's no reason to backpedal and gain back weight that you have already lost which could be very discouraging. when going out to eat at a restaurant or grabbing a meal to go from a fast food spot. Just remember there are no excuses for unhealthy eating. With the coming years eating out has become the way of life and many rely on this type of lifestyle so this is the guide to eating out healthy. You can go about your normal life and still stay on track.

Dining out and Fast Food Advice

Practice portion control - You can not eat what isn't on your plate or what you don't order. If you are eating at a restaurant starts you off with bread or chips on the table, ask the server to take them away or not to bring them.

Get support from friends and family - Make your friends aware that you are going through a lifestyle change which requires for you to monitor what you eat closely, and ask them to help you resist the temptation for the unhealthy foods.

Ask for Alternatives - Ask for mixed vegetables or broccoli instead of a baked potato or French fries. Substitute the hash browns for mixed fruit. This stuff takes a little getting used to but in no time it'll be second nature.

Swap out the condiments - A healthy chicken salad that would easily be between 200 to 300 calories but can quickly double the calories if fatty salad dressing is added. A burger can increase up to 200 calories just from the ketchup you add to it. A few simple changes in your condiments can make a huge difference in your daily caloric intake. For example, ask for your grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard instead of mayonnaise. Salsa is always a great alternative salad dressing.

Don't eat until your plate is clean - Don't eat to fullness eat until your body is satisfied, stop eating if you are full and leave the food on your plate. Be a social eater. Dining out should be a pleasurable experience. Sit back, relax, enjoy the company, eat slowly, and savor the whole experience.












1. Refined Grains 

Foods made of refined grains are common in American households, white pasta, flour tortillas, white rice, and white bread. While refining grains helps extend their shelf life, All refined sugars and most refined grain products have had vitamins, minerals and other nutrients removed in processing. Even worse, often sugars, salt, fats, and chemicals are then added to these foods. Now that the grains have lost all their healthful nutrients, they're so easy to digest that they increase blood-sugar levels and insulin spikes, which imbalance your hunger level and ability to burn fat.

2. Trans Fats
Trans fats (also called hydrogenated fats) are one of the worst foods on the planet. They're added to the "junk foods", like chips, crackers, cookies, pies, and doughnuts, so their shelf life is forever! they can literally sit and retain their "freshness." These nasty fats are also found in foods like margarine, many fried and fast foods, and even salad dressing. We have known for more than twenty years that trans fats increase your risk for heart attacks and possibly some types of cancers such as breast cancer.







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